Getting Organized: Organizing Your Study Space (page 2)

By — John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Updated on Oct 26, 2010

Put Stuff Back!

If you work on an assignment in another area, put your supplies back where you normally keep them. This saves you from searching the house for the colored pencils you need to finish a social studies project that are not in their designated spot.

Avoiding Distractions

Your study area should not include distractions. These include TVs, game systems (PlayStation, Xboxes, Gameboys, and so on), and music (stereos, iPods, Walkmans, or other portable players). You may think that you can read or study with MTV on in the background, but chances are, you’ll get distracted. Either place your study area away from your entertainment area or make sure all of this equipment is off and stays off.

Also, don’t answer your phone while you’re studying unless it’s important. In fact, you might turn off your cellphone if you get a lot of calls. Unless an important call comes through, let the answering machine or voice mail pick up or tell the person you’ll call back. It’s too easy to get involved in a conversation and forget about your homework.

Finally, if you work on a computer, don’t let e-mail — and especially Instant Messaging — distract you from doing your work. You can send a quick message to your online buddies saying that you’re busy and will connect with them later. Note that this takes discipline, but guarding your time and space ensures you have the time you need.

Organizing Your Space at School

Even though you may have a desk and some type of storage space for your books and supplies at school, you should still keep these items organized. Put stuff back so that you know where to find it. Keep your locker and desk clean (recycle any papers you don’t need, for example). Use any assignment tools provided by your school, such as an assignment board or assignment notebook.

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