Word Knowledge and Vocabulary for ASVAB Power Practice Problems (page 2)

Updated on Aug 12, 2011


  1. c.   Incredulous means showing disbelief, or skeptical.
  2. b.   To disabuse someone means to free from error or deception.
  3. b.   Laconic means using few words, or concise.
  4. c.   Something that is spurious is not genuine or authentic.
  5. d.   Nadir means lowest point, or bottom.
  6. a.   Allay means to relieve or soothe.
  7. b.   Disingenuous means to lack candor, candidness, or sincerity.
  8. d.   Adversely means unfavorably, harmfully, or negatively.
  9. a.   A courtesy implies being courteous or mannerly; it is civility.
  10. b.   A frail person is weak and delicate.
  11. a.   Recuperate means to heal; to mend.
  12. b.   Meager and scarce both mean lacking.
  13. b.   To be apathetic is to show little emotion or interest; to be indifferent is to have no particular interest or concern.
  14. b.   Surreptitious is acting in a stealthy or secretive manner.
  15. c.   Droll means oddly humorous or amusing.
  16. a.   Both commendable and admirable mean worthy, qualified, or desirable.
  17. c.   Disperse means to spread, disseminate, or scatter.
  18. d.   A domain is an area governed by a ruler; a territory is an area for which someone is responsible.
  19. a.   Both ludicrous and ridiculous mean absurd or outrageous.
  20. c.   To augment means to increase or expand in size or extent.
  21. c.   Something archaic is marked by characteristics from an earlier period.
  22. c.   To be vindictive is to be vengeful; to be spiteful means to be malicious.
  23. d.   To orient something means to direct or set in position.
  24. b.   Something that is expendable is unnecessary, disposable, or replaceable.
  25. d.   To revolutionize means to radically change or improve something; to transform means to change the appearance or form of something.
  26. d.   Malleable means easily molded, controlled, or pressed into shape. If clay were left overnight uncovered, it would harden, and could no longer be molded.
  27. c.   Salutary means having or producing a beneficial effect. Tutoring would have such an effect on one's grades.
  28. b.   Florid means elaborate or ornate. That is essentially how one would describe a painted ceiling with gold leaf molding.
  29. b.   Pristine means in its original and unspoiled condition. A card in perfect condition would explain why it is a "jackpot."
  30. a.   While choices c and d might make sense, abysmal means extremely bad.
  31. c.   Something precarious is fraught with danger.
  32. b.   Askew means crooked; not straight or level. A minor earthquake would probably not destroy everything in a house, nor would it leave everything unmoved.
  33. a.   After jumping in so many puddles, Matthew's sneakers would be sodden, which means thoroughly saturated; soaked. Choices b and c might make sense, but they are not definitions of sodden.
  34. c.   Precipitous means extremely steep. Choices a and b might make sense—a precipitous slope might indeed be dangerous or slippery—but these words do not define precipitous.
  35. b.   Something primeval belongs to or is from the earliest ages.
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