Paragraph and Reading Comprehension for ASVAB Power Practice Problems (page 2)

Updated on Apr 24, 2014


  1. a.   The passage is focused on how poker has influenced modern culture, specifically in the things people say in common speech. It does mention some historical elements of the game, but that is not the focus of the passage overall.
  2. c.   The author addresses poker's effect on modern culture throughout the passage, but he or she does not address any of the other topics. Specifically, the author does not teach any strategies of poker, nor does he or she make any value assessments on the game itself.
  3. b.   The word toil means hard work or physical labor. The pioneers are pictured as working hard during the day and relaxing with poker in the evenings.
  4. d.   To have a poker face means to hide one's emotions behind a neutral facial expression, thus preventing one's opponents from knowing whether one is bluffing.
  5. a.   This idea is expressed in two of the three sentences in the passage and sums up the overall meaning of the passage.
  6. d.   This is stated in the final paragraph. The other choices are not reflected in the passage.
  7. b.   The word diminish means to reduce or make smaller. Getting fingerprints from everyone present at a crime scene would remove some people from suspicion, thereby diminishing the number of potential suspects.
  8. d.   The author does not address any moral questions concerning smoking in this passage. The focus is on the various methods used to cure tobacco, and the author does not comment on how it should be used.
  9. d.   Curing is the process of drying plants and other products.
  10. b.   The second paragraph begins by describing how cigar tobacco is cured, using the aircuring method.
  11. b.   Something that is smoldering is burning on low heat. A charcoal fire used in a barbecue grill generally smolders rather than blazes.
  12. d.   In the Northern Hemisphere, June 21 would be the beginning of summer; however, according to the passage, it is the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.
  13. b.   Logically, if June 21 is called the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, then that same day would be the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
  14. d.   See the final sentence of the passage.
  15. c.   See the second sentence, which defines ksa. The other choices are refuted in the passage.
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