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An adult with learning disabilities who was cheated of an education.

My disability in reading, writing, and spelling afffected me in two ways. first I had no confidents in myself and the second is the fear I had inside of me.

My fear was and still is so grete [great] that if someone asked me to read, spell, or write down directions, I would break out in a sweat. The fear was divercateing [devastating] to me. About school I don't remember my early years because I don't thing I was taught anything to remember anything about school. However, from the sixth or seven grade, I new I had a problem. I was tested and put into what was called an opportunity class, they call it.

They sed that it would be a special class to help me. Most of the" opportunity" class was made up of young black men. We had the" opportunity" of running movies all day for other classes in our school. This was our opportunity for learning. The classes were taught by one teacher. He was subpose to teach us in all subjects, math sceance [science] and Enlish, Histery, etc. The movies were fun to show, however the only thing I learned was showing movies. So my seventh and eighth grade Education was a lost, too. Most of our tests in class were motobowt [multiple] chosuis [choice]. I got good marks some B, too. I became putty [pretty] good in taking tests. Even on my spelling lists I got 75% or 80% carick [correct]. I could menerize [memorize] anything for a short time, but in two weeks after I forget it all. Because I menorize it. It did not matter what order it was in or giving it to me. I learn the sound of each word, then the letters. But didn't know the words themself. I graduated from High school knowing I could not read or spell afbulb [above] third grade. When I had to write a book reported, the pain in my head would corne and I would pannick. I would pick out key words in some books I knew, and picked out key sentence, then put them together for my book report. "So now they say I have a learning disability. I say I wasn't taught."

Source: Reprinted by permission of Mancele W. Simmons Jr.

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