Study Abroad: Ten Reasons to Do Grad School Abroad (page 3)

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Updated on Jul 7, 2011

Going Again Because You Loved It the First Time

If you went abroad in college and wished you could have stayed longer, or if you went abroad and traveled to a really neat place where you want to live one day, or if you promised yourself you'd somehow get back to your abroad location for another extended stay someday - then grad school abroad can satisfy some of these wishes. If you found a second home on your first abroad adventure, then why not go back? Remember, studying is one of the easiest ways to get a visa to live in a foreign country! You still may have very good friends there or have established a great working relationship with a professor you want to have advise your graduate work.

However, a note of caution on returning to the same study abroad location: It will never be exactly the same as your first time around. It may still be great, it may even be better, but remember, you're not the same person as before. Time has passed and you're probably at a different place in your life when you get on that plane for foreign lands this time around. Be sure you're going abroad for the right reason - to further your education in a subject you're passionate about. Don't go back to chase some mysterious foreigner you fell in love with but couldn't do anything about because you were only there for eight weeks.

Getting a Global Education: The Wave of the Future

With globalization, the advancements in technology, and the ease of jetting off to a foreign land, education has become more international in nature. Exploring the big world outside the U.S. and discovering how the rest of the world views us is important. Understanding the histories, religious beliefs, ethical philosophies, artistic traditions, and world views of others can help us decide how to make a difference in the world.

As a graduate student at an abroad university, you are embracing this wave of global education. You bring a unique perspective to a classroom and this perspective will probably be questioned and challenged, but it will make life interesting. Not only are your own studies enriched by those around you, but through graduate seminars, presentations, and conferences, you also enrich the world of your fellow students. You may be able to acquire unique internships or gain access to some of the most radical or popular thinkers in your field by studying outside the U.S. The possibilities are endless - and surprising - when you pursue your education elsewhere.

Getting Accepted to Grad School in the U.S.

Doing a master's degree or post-baccalaureate outside the U.S. is also a good way to propel yourself into graduate programs in the U.S. Spending a year working on post-graduate study abroad can strengthen your application before an admissions committee, particularly if you do extremely well in your studies abroad. Not only is this an economical option to bolster your C.V. (resume), but it makes your application stand out. You bring something different to a grad program than candidates who have been in the U.S. for their entire academic career. Plus, getting accepted to do a year of post-graduate study abroad can be relatively easy - not only are you international, but some abroad schools will see you as a source of income because they can charge higher fees to students from outside their country.

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