Grammar Lesson: Subject-Verb Agreement Situations (page 2)

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Updated on Dec 14, 2010

Activity 1- Making the Wrong Right

  • Each of these fifteen sentences includes an incorrect subject-verb agreement. Without changing the subject, make the necessary verb change.
  1. One of my friends are here in this room with the rest of us.
  2. The pillow are too hard on my neck.
  3. These oranges from Florida is juicy.
  4. A few of the painters at that table has finished their work.
  5. Before she started her workout, Lupita were listening to the broadcast.
  6. The university officials is now admitting more students.
  7. Proponents favors this new methodology of training doctors how to be more receptive to their patients' concerns.
  8. Then the physician insert the fluid into the other vial.
  9. The film festival that was held in the mountains were well attended.
  10. Concert attendees admires that singer who really knows how to entertain her audience members.
  11. The number of graduates are higher this year.
  12. The people in our neighborhood in Queens is very friendly.
  13. You does not have to be at the gate that early.
  14. Some soldiers is on our train heading for Portland, Oregon.
  15. They does not have the winning ticket in last night's lottery.

Activity 2- Knowing Your Subject-Verb Agreement

Underline the correct verb in each sentence.

  1. These cards that (is, are) missing from the deck should be around here someplace.
  2. Each star on these maps (indicate, indicates) a newborn’s home.
  3. Melinda’s new jeans (is, are) quite comfortable.
  4. Tuesdays with Morrie (make, makes) me think, cry, and appreciate life.
  5. The club’s officers (meet, meets) today at noon in the café.
  6. The cat that (has, have) been adopted is very playful.
  7. The group (leave, leaves) for each game as a unified team.
  8. The group members (leave, leaves) in separate cars.
  9. Ken’s family (exchange, exchanges) gifts with one another each holiday season.
  10. Forensics (capture, captures) my interest.
  11. Maureen, along with her three friends, (attend, attends) concerts.
  12. The Fifties (is, are) the decade that some refer to as "Happy Days."
  13. Tonight’s news (is, are) not that exciting.
  14. (Is, Are) the scissors near you, Antonio?
  15. The exercises which (has, have) been recommended to you will increase your stamina.
  16. Friends who (help, helps) you are good friends indeed.
  17. My new pants (need, needs) to be altered.
  18. This is the Web site that (provide, provides) much useful information.
  19. All who (attend, attends) this meeting will receive a free ticket to the movie.
  20. Robotics (is, are) a topic that James will soon study.

Activity 3- Subject-Verb Agreement Parade

How well do you know your subject-verb agreement rules? Here are twenty sentences that will test your knowledge of these rules. Underline the correct verb in each sentence.

  1. One-tenth of the test papers (has, have) been collected.
  2. Mathematics (is, are) Harold's most challenging subjects.
  3. Where (is, are) your books, Princess?
  4. They (doesn't, don't) recall that incident.
  5. Carrots (is, are) a good source of nutrition.
  6. Only one-fourth of your time in the library (was, were) spent productively.
  7. One-third of the participants (has, have) their cards.
  8. There (is, are) only one dollar left in the box.
  9. Where (is, are) your backpack, Carlos?
  10. Lyle (doesn't, don't) want to order the food just yet.
  11. Fifteen dollars (was, were) my change from the purchase.
  12. Twelve days (is, are) left for you to register for the new semester.
  13. All of the senators at today's session (wasn't, weren't) happy with what happened.
  14. Three dimes (is, are) at the bottom of the pool.
  15. Twenty percent of the order (has, have) been delivered.
  16. His statistics (is, are) fabulous.
  17. Statistics (is, are) my first-period class.
  18. Here (is, are) some advice for you, Ty.
  19. There (is, are) at least three reasons why you should join the organization.
  20. Three-fourths of the process (has, have) been completed.

Activity 4- Practicing Agreement

Practice using correct agreement by writing sentences that satisfy these directions. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. Write a sentence using and to join a singular and a plural pronoun.
  2. Write a sentence that starts with "Most of the animals … "
  3. Write a sentence in which the plural pronoun them refers back to the subject.
  4. Write a sentence using Anybody as the sentence's subject.
  5. Write a sentence using Physics as the sentence's subject.
  6. Write a sentence using the pair of correlative conjunctions, both and and.
  7. Write a sentence using a male pronoun that refers back to the subject.
  8. Write a sentence starting with "My favorite team… "
  9. Write a sentence using Here as the sentence's first word.
  10. Write a sentence using a single subject joined with a plural subject by the coordinating conjunction or.
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