Grammar Lesson: Subject-Verb Agreement Situations (page 3)

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Updated on Dec 14, 2010

Activity 5- How Well Do You Know Your Agreement

Test your knowledge of agreement by underlining the correct choice in each sentence.

  1. Mathematics (is, are) Allyson's easiest class.
  2. Each of the female contestants took (her, their) place on stage.
  3. Everybody, including the pilots in the other section of the plane, (was, were) eager to hear the news.
  4. Neither the president nor her closest confidantes (is, are) prepared to address this situation immediately.
  5. Most of the photographs have no dark spots on (it, them).
  6. These lifeguards (doesn't, don't) become distracted when they are on duty.
  7. Anyone who purchased a defective radio should bring (his or her, their) receipt and radio back to the store.
  8. Here (is, are) the directions on how to make the dinner.
  9. One-fifth of the new physicians (is, are) from other countries.
  10. Both of these walls (need, needs) to be repainted.
  11. His favorite sandwich (is, are) bacon, lettuce, and tomato.
  12. Our captain and team leader (is, are) Emma.
  13. All of this carpet (has, have) been intricately woven.
  14. Fifteen percent of the quarter's grade (is, are) class participation.
  15. The Outsiders (was, were) the last book that Rachel read this year.


  • Activity 1- Making the Wrong Right
    1. One of my friends is here in this room with the rest of us.
    2. The pillow is too hard on my neck.
    3. These oranges from Florida are juicy.
    4. A few of the painters at that table have finished their work.
    5. Before she started her workout, Lupita was listening to the broadcast.
    6. The university officials are now admitting more students.
    7. Proponents favor this new methodology of training doctors how to be more receptive to their patients' concerns.
    8. Then the physician inserts (or inserted) the fluid into the other vial.
    9. The film festival that was held in the mountains was well attended.
    10. Concert attendees admire that singer who really knows how to entertain her audience members.
    11. The number of graduates is higher this year.
    12. The people in our neighborhood in Queens are very friendly.
    13. You do not have to be at the gate that early.
    14. Some soldiers are on our train heading for Portland, Oregon.
    15. They do not have the winning ticket in last night's lottery.
  • Activity 2- Knowing Your Subject-Verb Agreement
    1. are
    2. indicates
    3. are
    4. makes
    5. meet
    6. has
    7. leaves
    8. leave
    9. exchange
    10. captures
    11. attends
    12. is
    13. is
    14. are
    15. have
    16. help
    17. need
    18. provides
    19. attend
    20. is
  • Activity 3- Subject-Verb Agreement Parade
    1. have
    2. is
    3. are
    4. don't
    5. are
    6. was
    7. have
    8. is
    9. is
    10. doesn't
    11. was
    12. are
    13. weren't
    14. are
    15. has
    16. are
    17. is
    18. is
    19. are
    20. has
  • Activity 4- Practicing Agreement

(These are possible sentences.)

  1. Rick and his pals went to the city last night.
  2. Most of the animals stayed in their cages during the hailstorm.
  3. They forget to take their sunglasses with them.
  4. Anybody who would like to go on the field trip should bring his or her money to the main office this week.
  5. Physics is a very challenging class.
  6. Both the girls and their brother want to go to this restaurant for dinner.
  7. Herman thought that he could move the bundles by himself.
  8. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.
  9. Here is tonight's plan.
  10. Either my dad or his friends are going to go fishing with us.
  • Activity 5- How Well Do You Know Agreement?
    1. is
    2. her
    3. was
    4. are
    5. them
    6. don't
    7. his or her
    8. are
    9. are
    10. need
    11. is
    12. is
    13. has
    14. is
    15. was
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