Transferring to Another College: Reasons To Leave Or Stay (page 2)

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Updated on Jul 20, 2010

I'm Homesick

This is another incredibly common experience for college freshmen - but not a reason to pack it in and move closer to home. If you're homesick on campus, chances are you're not keeping yourself connected enough or busy enough to overcome those feelings. Dive into your coursework, join an activity or two that you really enjoy, bond tightly with your roommates and new friends, and try to keep your mind off what you left behind at home. Soon enough, it will be Parents' Weekend or Thanksgiving or winter break or spring break or summer. You are rarely more than a month or two away from a significant opportunity to see your family and friends from back home"and in today's world of low-cost air travel and increasingly convenient transportation options, it is becoming easier and easier to do so.

If things get really bad, make an appointment to see a counselor at your Department of Undergraduate Health. You'll be surprised to hear how many other students seek the same assistance and how easy a fix these issues tend to be.

Some Even Worse Reasons To Transfer

Some of these may seem ridiculous, but hey - we're not making this stuff up. These are reasons your classmates are coming up with!

The Weather Sucks

You knew this when you chose Bates over Stanford, or Oregon State over Arizona State - and there must have been a reason why you made the choice you did. So stock up on long underwear or buy an umbrella (respectively), but forget about transferring because of the weather.

The Food Sucks

Please. The food sucks almost everywhere.

The Campus Is Too Liberal [Too Conservative]

Listen to the counterarguments, then speak your mind anyway - this is what college is all about. Whether you are a defender of liberal causes on a very conservative campus, a conservative on a very liberal campus, or a moderate who feels like a man or woman without a country, you have an important role to play in the dialogue on your campus. Don't run from that"embrace it. If you are willing to listen to others and conduct that dialogue with grace and principle, you will ultimately be respected for it.

Our Sports Teams Suck, and the Campus Has No School Spirit

No doubt it is fun when your football team is kicking ass and the stadium is full of a rowdy mass of people cheering them on. Unless you're planning a career in football or cheerleading, though, chuckle at the fact that men's soccer lost both ends of its home and home series with the junior high all-stars from across town, and keep your eye on the ball.

Some Good Reasons To Transfer

Of course, not all reasons to transfer are bad. As we noted at the outset, sometimes things just don't work out the way you expected. If you are in any of the following situations (or something similar to them), then you may in fact be a candidate for transfer.

I've Discovered a Legitimate Interest in a Discipline Not Offered by My College

Perhaps you've discovered a gift for the stage, improvisational comedy, or screenwriting, for example, but your school does not have a workable major in any of those areas, and it can't satisfy your academic interests through independent studies, offering you visiting-student status at another school, or the junior year abroad program. As long as your interest in this discipline is legitimate - and is not simply a pretext to, say, move closer to your girlfriend at Columbia by attempting to transfer to NYU - then this is a reasonable rationale for pursuing a transfer to a school more suited to your academic interests.

My College Just Cut My Major

You went to this college or university with the express intent to study Tibetan philosophy, but due to state budget cuts and other cost-saving measures, and the departure of the two visiting professors who headed up the program, it is no longer offered - and now the school is just like any of the others you turned down to come here.

Again, as long as your continued interest in Tibetan philosophy is legit, and not a rationalization to escape from a psychotic roommate, you're justified in pursuing greener pastures.

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