Word Knowledge for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Study Guide (page 3)

Updated on Jul 5, 2011

Words in Context

The following exercise will help you figure out the meaning of some words from the previous list by looking at context clues. Circle any context clues that help you figure out the meaning of the bold word.

The latest remake of Planet of the Apes develops the theme of bigotry in a world where apes are the dominant culture and humans are enslaved. Parity between the two species is unthinkable because the simians regard humans as inferior creatures. Leo, the central character, is the story's protagonist. He is a human astronaut who lands on a strange planet where apes venerate their own kind by offering praise and promotions for negative actions taken against humans. Leo's antagonist, General Thade is the leader of the apes in this bizarre culture, and encourages the mistreatment of humans by apes. In General Thade's opinion, extermination of the humans is a laudable cause and he mounts a full-scale campaign to exterminate humans from the planet.

More Vocabulary Practice

Here is another set of practice exercises with samples of each kind of question covered in this chapter. Answers are at the end of the exercise.

Select the word that means the same or nearly the same as the italicized word.

  1. congenial company
    1. friendly
    2. dull
    3. tiresome
    4. angry
  2. conspicuous mess
    1. secret
    2. notable
    3. visible
    4. boorish
  1. meticulous record-keeping
    1. dishonest
    2. casual
    3. painstaking
    4. careless
  2. superficial wounds
    1. life-threatening
    2. bloody
    3. severe
    4. surface
  3. impulsive actions
    1. cautious
    2. sudden
    3. courageous
    4. cowardly
  4. tactful comments
    1. polite
    2. rude
    3. angry
    4. confused

Using the context, choose the word that means the same or nearly the same as the italicized word.

  1. Though flexible about homework, the teacher was adamant that papers be in on time.
    1. liberal
    2. casual
    3. strict
    4. pliable
  2. The condition of the room after the party was deplorable.
    1. regrettable
    2. pristine
    3. festive
    4. tidy
  3. Though normally very gregarious, Martin was uncharacteristically shy and reserved when he attended the party.
    1. generous
    2. sociable
    3. stingy
    4. happy


  1. a.
  2. c.
  3. c.
  4. d.
  5. b.
  6. a.
  7. c.
  8. a.
  9. b.

How to Answer Vocabulary Questions

  • The key to answering vocabulary questions is to notice and connect what you do know to what you may not recognize.
  • Know your word parts. You can recognize or make a good guess at the meanings of words when you see some suggested meaning in a root word, prefix, or suffix.
  • Use process of elimination. Think of how the word makes sense in the sentence.
  • Don't be confused by words that sound like other words, but may have no relation to the word you need.
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