The Written Exam for Police Officer Exam Study Guide (page 2)

Updated on Mar 16, 2011

Sample Police Situation Report Question

Instructions: Answer the next two questions based on the following information.

    Officers Biddle and Barron were dispatched in response to a 911 call regarding an automobile accident. At the scene, they obtained the following information:
Date of accident: July 18, 2008
Type of accident: Hit and run
Victim: Bob Sellis, a pedestrian
Type of car: Ford
Color of car: Green
Driver of car: Unknown male
  1. Officer Barron is writing up the crime report. Which of the following expresses the relevant information most clearly and accurately?
    1. On July 18, 2008, pedestrian Bob Sellis was the victim of a hit and run accident when he was struck by a green Ford, driver unknown.
    2. The hit and run victim, pedestrian Bob Sellis, was struck by an unknown male driver of a green Ford.
    3. A green Ford hit and ran from Bob Sellis, a pedestrian on July 18, 2008.
    4. Bob Sellis, a pedestrian, was hit and run by a man driving a green Ford.

    Choice a is the only one that contains information provided in the question. Choices b and d imply that Sellis was struck by a driver rather than by a car; choice c creates an illogical category of "hit and ran."

  2. Which of the following is a correct assumption based on the material provided?
    1. Bob Sellis was exiting his vehicle when he was struck.
    2. The man driving the green Ford was talking on a cell phone.
    3. Bob Sellis was seriously injured when he was hit.
    4. Bob Sellis was not killed by the unknown male driver.

    d. Since there is no mention of anyone other than Bob Sellis talking to the police, it must be assumed he provided the information and must therefore be alive. Choices a, b, and c contain information that is not provided in the fact pattern.

Memory and map-reading questions might present you with wanted posters that you will then have to answer questions about, without looking back at the pictures. The maps might ask you to select the best way to get from one location to another.

The math questions on the exam might also be related to law enforcement responsibilities. An example of this could be a description of a burglary scene that required you to total the value of missing or stolen property. Some of the numbers in series or patterns might resemble what a state's license plates look like.

Sample Math Questions

Instructions: Based on the information provided in the following descriptive paragraph, answer the next three questions.

You are dispatched to take a report of a burglary at Tom's Tire Store. Tom is convinced that someone drove a truck up to his store to take the tires because a large number have been taken. According to Tom, six Silver Edition touring tires, six Pathfinder Truck/SUV tires, and four each of the All Season Regular and All Season Ultra tires were stolen.
The tires are valued at:
      Silver Edition touring tires $66 each
      Pathfinder Truck/SUV tires $111 each
      All Season Regular tires $41.99 each
      All Season Ultra tires $83.99 each
  1. What is the total value of the Pathfinder Truck SUV tires reported by Tom?
    1. $600.00
    2. $666.00
    3. $444.00
    4. $396.00

    b. You calculated 6 × 111. Choice a is an incorrect multiplication; choice c is probably based on recalling four rather than six tires having been taken, and choice d is the value of only the Silver Edition tires.

  2. What is the total value of the All Season Ultra tires reported by Tom?
    1. $600.00
    2. $666.00
    3. $503.94
    4. $335.96
  3. d. You calculated 4 × $83.99. Choice a is an incorrect multiplication; choice b is the value of the Pathfinder Truck SUV tires, and choice is c is most likely based on recalling six rather than four tires having been taken.

  4. What is the total value of all the tires reported by Tom?
    1. $1,565.92
    2. $1.655.96
    3. $1,230.00
    4. $899.96
  5. a. Choice a is the sum of all the values calculated (6 × 66) + (6 × 111) + (4 × 41.99) + (4 × 83.99). Choice b reverses numbers and results in an addition error; choice c omits the value of the All Season Ultra Tires, and choice d omits the value of the Pathfinder Truck/SUV tires.

    As these samples illustrate, each question tests more than one thing. Judgment, reading, and the ability to do math are combined in the samples. You were required to do more than merely add up numbers; you had to note not only what was missing and how much each cost, but also how many of each were missing.

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