Demonstrating Photosynthesis: Writing in Grass

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Updated on Apr 15, 2013

This experiment provides a concrete and striking illustration of photosynthesis.


Does blocking the sun from a section of grass create an imprint in the grass?


  • Large piece of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Many bamboo skewers
  • A patch of grass that will NOT be walked upon (This is important as stepping on the bamboo skewers could cause injury.)


  1. Cut the letters of a name or word (or another image, e.g. a heart, a star) out of the fabric.
  2. Lay the fabric letters flat on the grass spelling out the word.
  3. Use the bamboo skewers to pin the fabric in place.
  4. Wait several days.
  5. Remove the fabric. Is the word imprinted on the grass?