An Eggcellent Solution

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Author: Christine K.



My science fair problem for my project is, “What is the effect of positioning of eggshells on the amount of weight that can be supported?” I will be testing to see how strong eggshells are, or how much weight they can bear. I will be expecting the vertical dome to sustain weight for a longer period of time. I think this because I researched the scientific and mathematical reasoning behind the arch in eggshells. The higher the arch, the more support there is because there is a smaller area around the edges and there can be more weight distributed.

In my research, I also learned about the structural support of an eggshell’s dome. This can be shown by the fact that domes are three-dimensional arches. Arches are wedge-shaped objects that help to support the keystone at the top of the arch bearing all the weight. The keystone distributes the weight to all the wedges reinforcing it, eventually having it supported by the ground.

I will use a kitchen scale to measure the weight of the books that were atop the eggshells before they collapsed. This will be the best method of measurement because the books are what are on the domes, and we should know how much weight the domes can support. I will be controlling several variables throughout the experiment to make sure that these factors are consistent. These variables will be the brand of eggs, the height of the eggshells, the type of books and magazines, and the scale. This experiment could apply to an architect’s work. My data would illustrate the effectiveness of an arch’s design. A taller arch would be stronger than a wider arch. So, it could bear more weight. Thus, when building a structure an architect can build bigger buildings if a taller arch is used in the wall construction. The structure could also be more ornate since the weight of additional wood, cement or fixtures could be supported. This information is necessary to know when creating or reading blueprints in design fabrication.




Middle School

Difficulty of the Project



 Purchase of eggs ($2) + dremel tool (if not already owned)

Safety Issues

Parent supervision or parent assistance required while operating dremel tool.

Time Taken to Complete the Project

12 Hours


I will be testing to see how strong eggshells are, or how much weight they can bear. I will be expecting the vertical dome to sustain weight for a longer period of time.


  • 18 eggs
  • Bowl for egg contents
  • Ruler
  • Thin permanent marker
  • One hard cover book
  • Many books and magazines
  • Kitchen scale
  • Dremel small saw


I chose to complete a science fair project on testing the strength of eggshells. I selected this subject matter because the topic of architecture interests me. I believed that I could complete a science project with this level of complexity. My hypothesis is, “If the eggshell were to be pointing vertically, then it would hold more weight because the arch could distribute the weight to all around the edges of the eggshell and have less room to break in the center of the eggshell.”

In my investigation, I hope that I can achieve the goal of determining the stronger arch of positioned eggshells. This will increase my experimental knowledge in the architecture field and allow me to research areas of interest.

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