World's First Energy-Saving Microcontroller Powered Generator (page 3)

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Author: Andrew K.


General Reletivity is the movement of free light particles, which may also describe what torques are in physics.

I will also need to know how to program microcontrollers, which has to do with the basic understanding of computer science.

I have been studying computer science, and logic for years, so it wasn't easy to just come up with an idea like this.

Use Zinc wire because it is the best conductor of electricity and cover it with PVC tape so if you touch it yoou won't get electrical shocked when its on, Don't put it on wet areas and don't touch the circuits when its on.

My hypothesis was right, and so was my thesis statement.

 In my logic can you use the circuit idea to power generators, or electric cars, or homes if you used a more powerful circuit.

This would be interesting to know because if we did that, but with more advanced circuits, and it worked, than we could save our country millions.

This project also has to do with the simple study of electricity. I also studied CPUs and microcontrollers. This is why I think my project should win, because it involves physics, math, computerscience, and its pretty hard for a 14 year-old boy like myself to do but I did it, and I did it right. This project also took alot of perseverance and trial errors to do. My project could have been better if I added a switch-circuit to the deluxe electronics lab circuit.

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