Ethanol Alcohol and its Effects on Gasoline (page 3)

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Author: Robert S.


Conclusion- In conclusion, my hypothesis was proved both correct and wrong. My hypothesis was that adding higher levels of ethanol alcohol to gasoline would decrease the run time of a motor. In the experiment, when I ran the trials for 93 octane gasoline containing 10% commercially blended ethanol alcohol, this mixture ran the longest for 225 seconds. This result proved my hypothesis correct. However when I started running the trials where I added higher levels of ethanol alcohol to the gasoline, 89 octane gasoline with 20% ethanol alcohol ran longest for 219 seconds. This went against my hypothesis. The reason for this is because the 89 octane gasoline with 20% ethanol alcohol ran for 219 seconds which was longer that the 89 octane gasoline with only 10% ethanol alcohol.

Questions for Further Research

  1. Using a flex motor, would the results of your project change?
  2. What would the results be if you used 100% pure gasoline?


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