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Author: Angela Pike

Grade Level: 9th - 12th; Type: Earth Science


To investigate different microclimates in and around your home.


A climate is the average weather pattern and environmental conditions in a region. Within climates are smaller areas of differing conditions. These are referred to as microclimates. Microclimates play a role determining what plant and animal life will be present.

Research Questions

  • What creates a microclimate?
  • How do microclimates determine the plant or animal life present?

Terms to Know

  • Climate
  • Microclimate


  • Thermometer
  • Stopwatch

Experimental Procedure

  1. Choose 4 locations
    1. Two locations inside your home
    2. Two locations outside your home
  2. At each location place a thermometer for five minutes. After five minutes read the thermometer and record the temperature. Also make note of the general characteristics of the location. Place all data in Table 1.
  3. Consider the following:
    1. Was there a significant difference between temperatures of the indoor locations?
    2. Was there a significant difference between temperatures of the outdoor locations?
    3. Of the outdoor locations, was there a significant difference between the plants you found in each location?

    Table 1         

     Location Name
     Plant Life Present
     General Description


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