Where Did the Ladybug Get Her Spots?

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Author: Judee Shipman

Ladybugs are charming creatures, enjoyable to watch, harmless to hold, useful in gardens, wished upon like stars and blown away in the breeze. Some say a ladybug’s spots determine its age. This project will reveal the truth about ladybugs.


What determines the number of spots on a ladybug?


  • Computer with internet access
  • Color printer
  • Digital camera
  • Magnifying glass
  • Ladybug specimens
  • Typical office/craft supplies (such as paper, pens & poster-board)


  1. Research related materials (see bibliography below)
  2. Collect ladybugs
  3. Search online, print, and carefully label pictures of ladybugs that interest you.
  4. Write about ladybugs (what they eat, regions where they are found, markings, etc).
  5. List the benefits and disadvantages of ladybugs.
  6. Suggest a creative solution for ladybug infestations that does not involve killing them.
  7. Write a detailed report.
  8. Include live ladybug specimens in your science fair display.
  9. Show interesting photos taken throughout the course of the project.
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