Astronomy Science Fair Projects

Strap in and get ready for blast off—these astronomy science fair projects are out of this world! Explore our collection of astronomy experiments and science fair project ideas to learn about the cosmic mysteries that stumped humanity for ages.

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The moon doesn't produce its own light, so why can we see it shining in the sky? Learn about reflection and planetshine in this fun and easy science project!
Third Grade
What if the shape of the Earth weren't spherical? How does its shape affect our gravity, climate, and tides? Model these questions in this cool project!
Seventh Grade
Looking for a way to keep your kid busy during the long, hot days of summer? These science projects will spark your young learner's curiosity going into the new school year. What's more, conducting an experiment or two is a great way to take your mind off the sweltering temperatures!
Elementary School
This experiment will explore how manipulating a graph of historical information might reveal new information about data.
High School
This experiment examines if space objects become round after reaching a certain mass.
High School
Become familiar with ratios and learn how to measure the diameter of the Sun and the Moon in this fun science fair project idea.
Middle School
Check out this fun science fair project idea for 1st grade: a solar eclipse model that demonstrates total, partial, and annular solar eclipses.
First Grade

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