Ecology Science Fair Project Ideas

Looking for ecology science fair project ideas? has dozens of ecology experiments for kids and their parents to explore. Learn about how the earth's organisms—including humans!—interact with their abiotic environment and other organisms. These ecology science fair projects help kids develop a deeper and more appreciative understanding of the natural world by exposing them to concepts like habitat, niche adaptations, and the biodiversity present in our own backyards.

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This study evaluates if electronic devices commonly found in most households emit radiation, and if they do, how much?
Elementary School
This study observes plants, insects and an animal living in proximity to a known source of EMF.
High School
The objective of this project is to examine the ways in which a passive solar house may contribute to conservation of energy.
Tenth Grade
This project examines the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water, with and without oil.
Eighth Grade
Science fair project that tests how well various sunscreens protect skin from the sunâs ultraviolet radiation by measuring their effect on sun-sensitive paper.
Sixth Grade
A great science fair project on solar oven design that helps kids learn about solar power and solar heating.
Seventh Grade
Science fair project that helps you create your own compost pile in order to test the efficiency of different methods of composting.
Seventh Grade
Make a list of items that need repurposing such as e-waste, batteries and mattresses. Invent your own original repurposed design.
Middle School
This science fair project idea's objective is to understand the concept of air pollution and examine the quality of air in our environments.
Third Grade

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