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Kids will make a homemade electroscope and explain how it detects static charges through induction in this fun science fair project idea.
Sixth Grade
This light bulb science project includes step-by-step instructions for testing the heat from different light bulbs.
Fourth Grade
Electricity and Magnetism
How do you make a battery out of a lemon? Do this free science fair project and learn how acidic fruit such as lemon can act like a battery.
Elementary School
Electricity and Magnetism
How does a flashlight work? Kids will make a complete circuit and explore how voltage contributes to brightness with this science fair project idea.
Third Grade
Electricity and Magnetism
In this free science fair project idea, we learn about sound waves and how they transmit power and energy.
Middle School
This science project challenges students to study the salt content in tap water and learn about electrochemistry.
Middle School
Electricity and Magnetism

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