Elementary School Science Fair Project Ideas's elementary school science fair projects expose kids to a broad range of opportunities for scientific inquiry, arming them with the tools and knowledge they need to answer their questions about the world around them. Elementary school science experiments are a great way to demonstrate important concepts in physics and chemistry, while our elementary school science fair project ideas equip kids with carefully explained procedures that yield enlightening results.

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Soil and energy don't go together, right? That would be as bizarre as a pairing of peanut butter and marshmallows! Well, actually...
Fourth Grade
Earth & Space Science
Could there be toxic chemicals lurking in the cupboards and closets of your home?
Fourth Grade
Health and Medicine
The objective of this science fair project idea is to  determine if sound travels best through the air, water or a solid.
Elementary School
Fourth Grade
Do plants get crowded?
Second Grade
Is it magic? Noâit's the amazing, gravity-defying capillary action experiment! Kids will love this dramatic and enlightening science fair project.
Third Grade
Take a dive into the candy jar with this yummy science experiment.
Fourth Grade
Set off an a science adventure as you prepare a row of bee homes for your new visitors.
Third Grade
This science fair project idea produces varying pitches of sound.
Elementary School
Fourth Grade
Be like Ben (Franklin, that is) and discover electricity in your own backyard. Or kitchen, or bedroom, or school science lab...
Fifth Grade
Science Fair Project Ideas

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