Forensic Science Projects

Is your child an aspiring detective? Does she want to investigate who ate the last cookie in the jar? Check out these fun forensic science projects and help her get to the bottom of it! Our collection of cool forensic science experiments for kids will make your child an award-winning gumshoe at her next science fair!

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Analytical chemists perform chromatography to separate colors into pigments. Test the food coloring used in M&M's and Skittles candy in this fun project!
Forensic Science
Sixth Grade
This science fair project idea determines if family members can recognize one another using only the sense of smell.
Forensic Science
Elementary School
Are you ready to be a detective for science? Then get out your magnifying glass and start studying fingerprints!
Forensic Science
Second Grade
This science fair project uses paper chromatography to  investigate whether black, brown, orange, and purple are pure colors or mixtures of other colors.
Forensic Science
Elementary School
Science fair project that develops latent fingerprints on a non-porous objects by converting superglue from a solid state to a gaseous state.
Forensic Science
First Grade
Find out whether people within a family tend to have matching fingerprints.
Forensic Science
Seventh Grade
Science fair project that uses muriatic acid to develop fingerprints that would otherwise be invisible.
Forensic Science
Fifth Grade
In this project, the fingerprints of family members are compared to determine if people from the same family have similar fingerprints.
Forensic Science
Fourth Grade

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