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Need a science fair project that's fun, engaging, and appropriately rigorous for a high school science fair? has assembled a rich collection of high school science fair projects and high school science fair project ideas written by our team of professional scientists, science teachers, and educational consultants. We offer free high school science experiments on every science fair topic, including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and even psychology. Check the boxes in the sidebar to filter your results, or use the search bar to find a winning idea for your upcoming science fair. Hundreds of good science fair projects are only a click away.

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Make stunning pendulum waves and learn the math behind the patterns generated with this cool and easy science project.
Tenth Grade
Investigate the advantages of the use of ceramics in engines such as the tiles used in Space Shuttle. Use iron filings and magnets.
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
This science fair project idea sheds some 'light' on which color of candles burn the longest.
High School
Look for correlation between pH values of commercial soaps and detergents and manufacturer claims about eye irritation hazards.
High School
Hypothesize goldfish ability to display long term memory based on your experience training the fish. Evaluate the abilities of goldfish to succeed at tasks.
High School
Middle School
This science fair project idea investigates whether body language and heart rate can decipher who's lying and who's not.
High School
Middle School
Science fair project that models the effect of global warming on the ocean's circulation.
High School
Middle School
Measure the effectiveness of detergent containing a UV-absorbing compound in blocking UV-A radiation. Use black light and UV detecting beads.
High School
Middle School

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