Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Great selection of middle school science fair project ideas. These science fair projects can help you find middle school level ideas for your science fair.

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In this science fair experiment, middle school students evaluate whether tone of voice can influence our ability to remember a list of everyday objects.
Middle School
Psychology and Sociology
Which bread molds fastest? Explore the different kinds of breads and how quickly they mold, along with the role of preservatives.
Middle School
Life Science
Science fair project that determines which foods and drinks contain the highest amount of glucose.
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
This science fair project idea attempts to train a worm to complete a simple maze in order to find out if worms can learn and remember.
Middle School
Elementary School
Evaluate whether birth order influences personality.
Middle School
Psychology and Sociology
This science fair project creates a visual model of whatâs happening to  sound waves as a car approaches and then leaves.
Middle School
Fourth Grade
The goal of this science fair project is to analyze differences between the taste and texture of frozen and fresh food.
Middle School
Elementary School
The objective of this science fair project is to observe the properties of friction and apply this knowledge to search for a near-frictionless surface.
Middle School
High School

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