Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Great selection of middle school science fair project ideas. These science fair projects can help you find middle school level ideas for your science fair.

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This science fair project idea explores what it takes to create a biosphere, or a self-sustaining ecosystem.
Sixth Grade
Determine how effective animal camouflage is by simulating it in an indoor and outdoor setting.
Sixth Grade
Determine the growth rates of different types of human hair. Ask volunteers to not cut their hair until the end of experiment. Measure hair length.
Middle School
High School
The objective of this science project is to determine whether the brain first processes colors, shapes, or words when given conflicting messages.
Eighth Grade
Psychology and Sociology
Measure the porosity of rocks by submerging them in water. Measure how much water each rock 'drank,' by measuring the difference in water volume.
Middle School
Determine whether cats have dominant paws. Observe which paw cat uses to reach for treats, feather, and string. Calculate percentage for two paws.
Middle School
Science fair project that creates fog using bottles of hot and cold water.
Middle School
This experiment demonstrates the conservation and transfer of energy using a marble rolling over sandpaper.
Middle School
Seventh Grade
Wonder why bugs always fly around your lights at night? This experiment determines whether insects are attracted to the heat or the light.
Middle School
Elementary School

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