Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Great selection of middle school science fair project ideas. These science fair projects can help you find middle school level ideas for your science fair.

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Science fair project that helps visualize how the human brain functions by constructing a model of a brain.
Middle School
Determine if certain colors of light are more effective for photosynthesis. Plant seeds in cardboard boxes with different light, record visible growth.
Middle School
Determine which environment keeps an ice cube frozen for the longest duration. Inspect and record your observations when cubes melt.
Middle School
Physical Science
This science fair project idea explores whether factors such as temperature and concentration affect the pH of a solution.
Middle School
Elementary School
Sure, you already know that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, but did you know that oxygen levels differ in different types of water?
Middle School
Design and build an invention inspired by Rube Goldberg's designs. Build your invention. Test the machine, write a detailed report.
Middle School
Test for a correlation between perceived color and heart rate. Using a stethoscope and stop watch, measure the heart rate (beats per minute) of volunteers.
Middle School
High School
Describe the lives of commercially raised chickens. Contact local chicken farmers for information and advice. Write a detailed report about farming techniques.
Middle School
Life Science
Analyze competed scientific studies to determine the effectiveness of ancient remedies. Create a chart that illustrates the effectiveness of these treatments.
Middle School
High School

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