Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Great selection of middle school science fair project ideas. These science fair projects can help you find middle school level ideas for your science fair.

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Study the process of osmosis and determine how placing cells into hypotonic and hypertonic solutions affects osmosis in this middle school science project.
Middle School
Life Science
The objective of this experiment is to find out if cooked beans grow faster, if at all, than uncooked beans.
Middle School
Science fair project that examines how cell membranes allow the inward and outward flow of materials as demonstrated by eggs.
Sixth Grade
Check out this fun science project idea to measure the amount of vitamin C in ripe, half-ripe, unripe and stored oranges.
Middle School
High School
The goal of this science fair project is to determine which cheese grows mold the fastest: Vermont Cheddar, American, Brie, or Camembert?
Middle School
The projects describes the correlation between Gravel Run and Centreville Landing in terms of pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature.
Middle School
Check out this cool science fair project idea to explore the relation between onions and eyes and how to  prevent eyes from tearing while cutting an onion.
Middle School
Check out this cool science project idea to explore how temperature creates annual rhythms that govern plant growth.
Middle School
Elementary School
This science project challenges students to study deer behavior in their natural habitat- the feeding patterns, social behaviors, male to female ratio, etc.
Middle School
Elementary School

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