Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Cultivate your child's inner Einstein with these physics science fair project ideas! Learn about the cool physics going on behind-the-scenes in our everyday lives. Whether you need physics science fair projects that would make Newton proud or a fun activity to inspire wonder in the universe, you've come to the right place.

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Construct and experiment with a periscope using reflected light rays to gather an image.
Middle School
Science far project which determines whether the material of a baseball bat affects the distance that the baseball will travel.
Fifth Grade
This project determines how much the rebound rates of tennis balls change after ten games.
Middle School
Science fair project which uses a camera to observe the surface of a balloon in the moment of its explosion.
Seventh Grade
Science fair project that examines the effects of soap on the surface tension of water. How does soap affect the surface tension of water?
Eighth Grade
Science fair project that demonstrates how a rainbow forms, by using water to split white light into its many colors.
Sixth Grade

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