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Our team of professional scientists, science teachers and educational consultants has put together an excellent collection of free physical science projects for kids. These include physics science fair projects, science experiments, and demonstrations that help kids explore the world of classical mechanics, as well as other great physical science topics: our hair-raising magnet and electricity experiments are sure to spark your child's scientific curiosity. Whether you’re looking for science fair project ideas for your child’s upcoming science fair or your little one simply loves conducting physical science experiments,’s physical science section is a fantastic free resource.

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In this free science fair project idea, we learn about surface tension and how it can support mass—in this case, a floating paper clip.
Study how liquids separate into layers by creating a liquid gradient, different density liquids separate into layers in a graduated cylinder.
Physical Science
Sixth Grade
Explore the properties of light and color using photographic filters. Take pictures of color spectrum, compare results of different filters.
Physical Science
Ninth Grade
The project determines the forces that cause paper airplanes to fly and determine which type of paper airplane flies the farthest.
Elementary School
In this free science fair project idea, we learn about how friction in the atmosphere causes meteors to become hot.
Elementary School

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