Sixth Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

For their 6th grade science fair projects, students begin to apply more strict experimental controls to their investigations. They'll also be aware that people have a tendency to "observe" what they expect to observe, and that good 6th grade science projects and experiments should involve taking some small but important steps to maintain objectivity. To this end, ambitious 6th graders can design their experiments to be blind studies (or even double-blind studies!). Kids will also start to think about the historical context surrounding their investigations and how their projects fit into the timeline of humanity's scientific knowledge as a whole. Scientific knowledge is always subject to modification: new discoveries can challenge existing theories, enabling us to look at old observations in whole new ways.'s team of talented science writers has kept all of this in mind when developing our informationally rich and conceptually rigorous sixth grade science fair project ideas, which are sure to be a big hit with any sixth grader.

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This science fair project evaluates which sense produces the fastest response time: hearing, touching, smelling or seeing.
Sixth Grade
Middle School
There is debate about whether chalkboards or whiteboards are better. This experiment explores which leads to better retention of visually-displayed information.
Sixth Grade
Behavioral/Health Science
Find out whether optical mice are useful on all surfaces or if there are drawbacks to this supposedly superior solution to the traditional roller-ball mouse.
Sixth Grade
Fifth Grade
This project will explore whether test subjects, deprived of points of reference, will, in attempting to walk a straight course, walk in circles.
Sixth Grade
Middle School
In this experiment you will evaluate whether praise improves athletic performance.
Sixth Grade
Middle School
Science fair project that measure winds speed, temperature, and time of day in order to determine the origins of the wind.
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Use a dichotomous key to identify plants or animals.
Sixth Grade

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