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This science project challenges students to take learned information about weather and  climate control and apply it to larger issues like global warming.
High School
It has long been believed that weather influences mood and behavior. This experiment will evaluate if weather can really impact the way people feel.
Middle School
Sixth Grade
This science fair project idea uses the process of chemical weathering to change a mineral.
Elementary School
Analyze temperature and precipitation data to determine whether current weather conditions are outside the historical norm.
Middle School
High School
In this free science fair project, learn how oxygen changes rock into an orange or reddish brown colors.  Use for science fair project ideas!
Elementary School
In this free science fair project idea, we learn about fronts and how they move about and affect the weather.
Middle School
Earth & Space Science
In this free science free project, let's experiment on why and how hair keep animals warm in the cold weather. A great project for elementary kids.
Elementary School
Science fair project that examines condensation and the conditions needed in order for dew to form.
Second Grade
Third Grade

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