10 Tips for Back to School

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Tip #5: Make a Map of the School

Download a copy of your school campus map, and have your child use it as a reference to draw and color his own map of the school! Be sure he includes key locations, such as his classroom(s), the bus stop, the auditorium, the spot where he will eat lunch, and a location where he will be picked up from school.

Is your child attending a new school this year? Walk around campus a few days ahead of time, and help your child find all the essential places, such as the bathroom, the lockers, and the lunchroom. This will give him confidence when the real first day arrives.

To extend this exercise, have your child make a rough map of how to get to school from your house. Be sure he includes a compass and a key, and help him draw in any landmarks and street names that he doesn’t know.