4 Ways to Help Your First Grader With Problem Solving Skills

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The Problem with Problem Solving

The next time you’re confounded by a novel issue, stop and think about how often your first grader feels the same way! For young children, many (or most) of the problems that they encounter are ones they’ve never seen before. This keeps their lives interesting, but it also means they deal with confusion and frustration on a constant basis.

While it can be difficult to see our children struggle with an issue, it’s important to let them work through it on their own. Many times, when our child doesn’t know what to do, we just go ahead and tell him the answer. While our intentions are good – we’re trying to relieve our child’s frustration (and, often, save ourselves some time) – we are actually doing our child a great disservice. By simply giving him the answer, we’ve taken away an opportunity for him to use his problem-solving skills to figure it out on his own.

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