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This haunted house coloring page is home to all manner of frights, from ghouls to ghosts to undead bats. Try this haunted house coloring page this Halloween.
First Grade
These fruity sentences are all mixed up! Can your child use her grammar skills to put all the words in the right order?
Second Grade
Can you find New Hampshire on a map? Give your child a great starter kit for U.S. geography with a fun mapping activity!
Fifth Grade
This worksheet will help your child learn to recognize colors, by tasking him with coloring all the items on the page that are green.
Enlist this colorful worksheet that dives into long 'A' sounds to get him ready to read!
Second Grade
Cut back on the cost of back to school supplies with these awesome cheat sheets. Your child will be armed with everything from grid paper to rulers!
First Grade
Paper Projects
The next road trip needs brain teasers like these, with great U.S. state sights and a word search on every geography worksheet! Check out New Jersey Fun Facts.
Fourth Grade
If your child loves to take boat rides, this sailor coloring page will capture his imagination.
Second Grade
Your little one will have a blast cutting out these great finger puppet characters and putting on a show. For more finger puppets, click here.
First Grade
Have you been to the grocery store lately? Use this handy matching activity to familiarize your child with the layout and signage of the parking lot!
First Grade
Community & Cultures
Ready for a picture-perfect Valentine's Day gift? Make this easy photo garland craft, the perfect way to surprise someone you love!
Fourth Grade
Valentine's Day

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