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No matter what the season, preschoolers will love to learn to count with this fun, easy 'Addition with Pictures' worksheet featuring fall leaves.
Counting & Numbers
Struggling with middle school math? Learn about monomials with this series of worksheets!
Middle School
Algebra & Functions
From seed to ripe fruit, take a look at the banana with this coloring page and look at vocabulary, in Spanish and English!
Spanish Foreign Language
Get your crayons ready for some fun princess coloring time! This pretty princess is getting ready to ride her trusty steed.
First Grade
Fairy Tales
Introduce your child to Grand Teton National Park with this beautiful coloring page!
First Grade
This U.S. geography worksheet's a winner for backseat entertainment, geography practice, or just because!
Fifth Grade
Your fifth grader will use his math skills to help the judges determine which country has the fastest averages in an exciting Winter Olympics sport--skeleton!
Fifth Grade
Winter Olympics
Craft a special Thanksgiving card for someone special this fall, or use this handy template to make cute invitations to the annual holiday feast!
Second Grade
Paper Projects
On May 3rd, we say thanks to teachers and all the hard work that they do. Celebrate national Teachers' Day!
First Grade
Community & Cultures
Encourage your child to dream of careers with coloring pages of everything from fine art to science to public service. Start with this pilot coloring page!
Second Grade
Life Learning
Here is a dinosaur coloring page that will give your child a fun history lesson as well! He'll read a few interesting facts about this t-rex skeleton.
Second Grade
Life Learning
Ever wonder why zebras have so many stripes? Find out with this fun worksheet all about the zebra!
Fourth Grade
Life Science
Do you know why Mars is called the Red Planet? Find out that and more on this planet printable.
Third Grade
Earth & Space Science
Here's a classic jack-o'-lantern pattern to try this Halloween. Just pin it in place, trace around the edges, and presto! Pumpkin perfection!
Third Grade
Paper Projects

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