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These coloring pages offer wonderful opportunities for artistic expression and fine motor practice. From adventurous dinosaur coloring pages to cute fairy coloring pages, there is a theme here for every type of kid. Coloring pictures helps children develop their creativity, and work their pencil grip in preparation for learning how to write. Additionally, many of our coloring pages cover important science lessons, such as animal life cycles and the anatomy of bugs.

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Enjoy Rudyard Kipling's story 'The Beginnings of the Armadillos', where your little one will answer questions and enjoy some coloring pages!
Third Grade
This adorable poodle skirt needs some color! Show your child some fashion from the 1950s with a fun paper doll she can color herself!
Second Grade
From seed to flower to fruit, take a look at the cherry with this coloring page and brush up on English and Spanish vocabulary!
Spanish Foreign Language
A coloring page of a styxosaurus, a kind of dinosaur that lived under the sea many years ago.
Second Grade
From seed to flower to fruit, check out starfruit with this coloring page and brush up on vocabulary in English and in Spanish!
Spanish Foreign Language
Kids use their cutting and coloring skills to make grass for the bugs to hide in on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.
Fine Motor Skills
Preschoolers are sure to love coloring this pond life coloring page that's full of happy frogs, flitting dragonflies, and one cheerful turtle.
This scuba diver is on an undersea adventure, and it looks like he found a treasure chest along the way!
First Grade
This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase E. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden Earth picture.
The Alphabet
Home to a collection of rock formations, the cliffs around Ha Long Bay form islands and grottos known for their natural beauty.
Second Grade
As your child paints this rooster, she'll boost color and number recognition skills, and she'll even get some color mixing practice in there, too.
Counting & Numbers

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Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a wonderful recreational activity for kids, but there are also some great educational and developmental benefits to coloring pictures:

  • Consistent use of coloring pages and coloring worksheets helps children develop fine motor skills, which in turn helps kids develop a strong pencil grip, improved writing skills, and good penmanship.
  • Children who learn to work on coloring pages for kids while ignoring the surrounding noise and activity develop great focusing skills that can help in the classroom and beyond.
  • Color a coloring page or two with your child to create some quiet time where your can discuss your days and thoughts. Sometimes, kids will hint at their feelings though coloring worksheets—a child that uses all dark colors may be feeling glum, and a child that focuses on a certain object in the picture might have an interest in that subject. Use coloring pages as a starting point for a discussion with your child.
  • Coloring pages are also a great creativity builder for kids. Many kids will learn how to replicate colors and images that they find in the real world through coloring worksheets, and they can also learn how to create a surreal or silly picture through colors that express exactly how they feel.

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