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These coloring pages offer wonderful opportunities for artistic expression and fine motor practice. From adventurous dinosaur coloring pages to cute fairy coloring pages, there is a theme here for every type of kid. Coloring pictures helps children develop their creativity, and work their pencil grip in preparation for learning how to write. Additionally, many of our coloring pages cover important science lessons, such as animal life cycles and the anatomy of bugs.

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What can you build with blocks? All of the blocks have numbers on this kindergarten math worksheet, but kids color and count just the blocks with the number 13.
Color by Number
Penguins on ice! These cute penguins are chilling out by reading their favorite books. What colors will your child use to bring this scene to life?
Here's a fun way for your child to look at world geography and history, starting with a beautiful coloring page of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Second Grade
Help Billy Bones the skeleton take part in the trick-or-treating fun by decking him out in one of his many costumes. Even monsters get to party on Halloween!
Paper Dolls
Celebrate March 17 with this collection of printables, featuring leprechauns, rainbows, pots o' gold and other Irish holiday imagery.
St. Patrick's Day
This is Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of them all. He spends his days solving mysteries around London with his assistant, Watson.
Fairy Tales
Second Grade
Your little one can make these sight words more fun by decorating them however she'd like!
Your number 1 math star will love this starry kindergarten math worksheet!
Color by Number
No fires to put out here - just playtime with a female firefighter paper doll!
Paper Dolls

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Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a wonderful recreational activity for kids, but there are also some great educational and developmental benefits to coloring pictures:

  • Consistent use of coloring pages and coloring worksheets helps children develop fine motor skills, which in turn helps kids develop a strong pencil grip, improved writing skills, and good penmanship.
  • Children who learn to work on coloring pages for kids while ignoring the surrounding noise and activity develop great focusing skills that can help in the classroom and beyond.
  • Color a coloring page or two with your child to create some quiet time where your can discuss your days and thoughts. Sometimes, kids will hint at their feelings though coloring worksheets—a child that uses all dark colors may be feeling glum, and a child that focuses on a certain object in the picture might have an interest in that subject. Use coloring pages as a starting point for a discussion with your child.
  • Coloring pages are also a great creativity builder for kids. Many kids will learn how to replicate colors and images that they find in the real world through coloring worksheets, and they can also learn how to create a surreal or silly picture through colors that express exactly how they feel.

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