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These coloring pages offer wonderful opportunities for artistic expression and fine motor practice. From adventurous dinosaur coloring pages to cute fairy coloring pages, there is a theme here for every type of kid. Coloring pictures helps children develop their creativity, and work their pencil grip in preparation for learning how to write. Additionally, many of our coloring pages cover important science lessons, such as animal life cycles and the anatomy of bugs.

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Fall is definitely in the air on this printable. Can your child add some color to this seasonal mandala coloring page?
These bears all look alike except for one thing: They have different numbers on their bellies! For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids color bears with 8.
Color by Number
Cut out and complete this trophic level pyramid template!
Third Grade
Sneak a peak at pixie royalty with this sweet coloring page.
No matter whether your adventurous eater prefers maki, nigiri or inari, she will surely think this sushi coloring page looks delicious!
Second Grade
This Halloween banner is the perfect decoration for your next Halloween party. Make a Halloween banner with this easy printable.
Paper Projects
This lizard can grow to over six feet long! Color the Golden Spotted Monitor Lizard, one of several brand new species discovered between 2009 and 2011.
Second Grade
Whoa, this spider is quite the spinster! He is actually one of many brand new species discovered between 2009 and 2011.
Second Grade
This romantic coloring page features the famous title characters from the poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear.
Fairy Tales
On this coloring page, the three little pigs are getting ready to build their houses, one out of straw, one out of sticks, and one out of bricks.
Fairy Tales
First Grade
A coloring sheet for preschoolers of the Princess and the Frog.
Fairy Tales
Teach your child all about our nation's very first national park with this coloring sheet
First Grade

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Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a wonderful recreational activity for kids, but there are also some great educational and developmental benefits to coloring pictures:

  • Consistent use of coloring pages and coloring worksheets helps children develop fine motor skills, which in turn helps kids develop a strong pencil grip, improved writing skills, and good penmanship.
  • Children who learn to work on coloring pages for kids while ignoring the surrounding noise and activity develop great focusing skills that can help in the classroom and beyond.
  • Color a coloring page or two with your child to create some quiet time where your can discuss your days and thoughts. Sometimes, kids will hint at their feelings though coloring worksheets—a child that uses all dark colors may be feeling glum, and a child that focuses on a certain object in the picture might have an interest in that subject. Use coloring pages as a starting point for a discussion with your child.
  • Coloring pages are also a great creativity builder for kids. Many kids will learn how to replicate colors and images that they find in the real world through coloring worksheets, and they can also learn how to create a surreal or silly picture through colors that express exactly how they feel.

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