Fifth Grade Math Worksheets and Printables

Whether your fifth grader needs some extra practice or could benefit from a fun math challenge, we have fifth grade math worksheets to fit the bill. With topics ranging from long division to algebraic expressions, these fifth grade math worksheets take a comprehensive approach to fifth grade math curriculum. If you are ready to move on from fifth grade math worksheets, try browsing our fifth grade worksheets in all subjects.

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Tips for Tutoring 5th Grade Math

Fifth grade math worksheets are great for kids who are studying geometry, division, decimals, and more! You can even hone in on 5th grade word problems worksheets. If your child needs a little extra help with the concepts in these math worksheets for 5th grade students, try these helpful tips:

  • Identify which areas of the fifth grade math curriculum are most challenging for your child, then download and print the worksheets that focus in on those areas. Do the first few problems of each page with your child, then have him attempt the other problems on the page on his own.
  • For concepts such as fractions, decimals and percents, open up a bag of M&M's (or similar multi-colored candy or food) and determine what fraction of the batch is colored red, green, etc. Convert that to decimal form. Then discuss percentages.
  • Work with your child to find the area and perimeter of her bedroom. If she wanted to design an addition to her room, how many square feet would she add?
  • Frequent 5th grade math practice will help your child understand math concepts more easily. Do regular math exercises several times a week to reinforce key skills.

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