First Grade Worksheets and Printables

First grade is an important time for kids to solidify reading and basic arithmetic skills to prepare them for future success. Our first grade worksheets support kids in every subject they'll encounter at school. From addition to sight words to vowel sounds, these colorful themed worksheets will put them on the right track. If they're looking for more advanced material, try our second grade worksheets.

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Teaching with First Grade Worksheets

First grade is an important year for building core skills and developing a positive relationship with learning. Because there is so much content being taught in this curriculum, first graders can often get overwhelmed with information. Further contact with the material at home can help give kids more time to digest what they are learning. Worksheets, such as those above, can help to reinforce core skills with guided practice. Here is a breakdown of the key skills being taught this year:

  • Language Arts: Reading fluency is the big task for first grade teachers, as they use patterned stories, nonfiction books, and simple rhymes to encourage fluent reading ability. By the end of the year, the hope is that most kids are starting to tackle simple chapter books. Similarly, writing skills become more developed. Teachers accept invented spelling as they encourage beginning writers to put words on paper.
  • Math: First graders will be introduced to more abstract math concepts, such as higher numbers, 2D and 3D shapes, time, and money. Skip counting and the use of counters will help kids build fluency with addition and subtraction. First grade math worksheets are especially helpful for building fluency.
  • Science: Concepts covered this year in science may include the human body, water, weather, and motion. Teachers may also leverage kids' natural curiosity about animals to teach early concepts of biology.
  • Social Studies: Self-care, the importance of understanding rules, and the difference between past, present and future are all part of the typical first grade social studies curriculum.

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