Handwriting Worksheets and Printables

These handwriting worksheets are great for helping your kids improve their handwriting skills. From traceable letters for the beginning writer to cursive worksheets for kids who are a bit older, there are plenty of handwriting printables to choose from. Let them apply their new skills with our writing sentences worksheets.

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Tips for Improving Handwriting

Handwriting worksheets help kids write neatly and within the lines! If your child needs extra handwriting help, try these tips to get him on the fast track to pretty penmanship:

  • Allow your child to practice writing on paper using handwriting practice worksheets, as well as in other other ways to increase his hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.
  • When introduced to a new letter or word, have your child practice writing it in the air using his finger or elbow. This helps your child learn the stroke pattern for writing the new letter or word, and it's a silly exercise that makes writing fun! Take out your own 'invisible pen' and write the letter or word in the air with your child for a fun pre-writing exercise.
  • Kids can also practice handwriting with fingerpaints. Fingerpaints are a great tool for young writers who might need to practice the motions before they grip a pencil.
  • Let your child practice writing using handwriting worksheets. If your child is new to writing worksheets or he has a tendency to write outside of the lines, give your child a template for writing using a highlighter marker. Simply pre-write your child's words or letters using a highlighter marker in a handwriting practice worksheet. Kids can trace over the highlighter marks to practice neat penmanship and letter recognition.
  • Good penmanship takes practice, so let your child use handwriting worksheets regularly to develop neat writing skills.

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