Kindergarten Worksheets and Printables

Kindergarten worksheets are a great way to help your child practice core concepts and skills. Five and six year olds will love these colorful and imaginitive kindergarten worksheets, with simple instructions for parents or teachers. Your kindergartener will practice and learn new letters, begin to write and read sight words, count, and do simple addition. Supplement your kindergartener's education with these fun and engaging kindergarten worksheets.

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Your kids will have a blast making a mess while they build important science and reading skills. So roll up your sleeves and dig in to this week's ideas!
Simple Experiments
Your young cosmonaut will work on reading comprehension, story sequencing, and creative writing while he's diving into the far reaches of our universe.
Loads of fun and packed with learning for science lovers and non-science lovers alike, this week's ideas will show your child the amazing side of science.
Simple Experiments
Show your kid this collection of sight words and once she's got 'em all down she'll be ready to tell some great travel stories.
There are all sorts of words to learn when you go outside. This activity from PBS KIDS' Curious George can get you started with a few.
This 'simon-says' style game from PBS KIDS' Dinosaur Train will get your kids moving and growing their vocabulary at the same time!
First Grade
Can you crack the code? Put the letters in order and find a secret message from PBS KIDS' Martha Speaks.
Does your little one love computers? He can express his enthusiasm with these great computer coloring pages.
Does your kid love video games? Give him this video game coloring page.
This Groundhog Day, find out more about the groundhog with this science sheet.
Plants, Animals & the Earth
This dancing ballerina coloring page features a young dancer with pointed toes and arms raised high. Use this dancing ballerina coloring page with your child.

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Make the Most of Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets get your child to develop foundational skills for math, reading, writing, and more. Make the most of your kindergartener's worksheet time by following the suggestions below:

  • Give your child a special place to work on kindergarten worksheets. This could be a desk, the family dinner table, or anywhere else with a sturdy surface and comfortable chair. Make sure that the space has a well-stocked pencil box with pencils, crayons, safety scissors, and a glue stick. Kids can focus best when they don't need to get up to find school supplies mid-worksheet.
  • Before your child starts working on kindergarten worksheets, make sure to give him clear instructions for worksheet time. Clearly explain the instructions for each worksheet. Give your child boundries for working as well. Is worksheet time a silent time, or is singing or talking aloud? Can your child grab a snack? Will he stop working once he finishes a certain number of worksheets, or is there a set time limit? Setting clear parameters for worksheet time helps your child take his job seriously and focus without distractions.
  • In addition to strictly academic worksheets, make sure to select some artistic or recreational kindergarten worksheets for your child so that he can take a short break from numbers and letters. Artistic worksheets for kindergarten students also help kids develop creative thinking and fine motor skills.

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