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Money makes the world go round, and your kid will need to know the ins and outs of money math if he wants to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. From counting change and coloring bills and coins to learning how to calculate sale prices and live on a budget, your child will be prepared when it come to real life money challenges. We also have worksheets that promote money management skills and cover concepts such as tax and interest. Your child will know exactly how to handle his allowance once he's made his way through a few of these worksheets. Browse our ample selection of money printables and find a few that fit the bill.

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Help your child master coin counting with this fun second grade worksheet. Your child will select the coins that equal the price listed on each present.
Second Grade
In this fun introduction to coins, your child practices counting and adding coins to find the total monetary value of each pile.
First Grade
In this second grade math worksheet, your child will practice adding, subtracting, and working with money to make change during his trip to the city.
Second Grade
A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers that focuses on learning numbers and simple addition and subtraction.
A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers featuring ice cream.
Increase your second grader's familiarity with coin currency with this fun, colorful printable!
Second Grade

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Have Fun with Money Worksheets

Money worksheets for kids are great learning tools for future savvy savers! Make learning about money with money worksheets even more fun with these handy tips:

  • Before your child begins his money worksheets, go to the bank and withdraw a roll of each pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
  • Use real life money to introduce your child to the different kinds of currency. Have your child line up the coins from smallest to biggest. Is the biggest coin worth the most money? What about the smallest coin? Ask your child to see if this pattern applies to all of the coins. Have your child look at each coin carefully and tell you how much it is worth. Lay the coins out on a piece of paper and have your child write their values underneath.
  • Take out a couple of money worksheets and have your child work through the problems using real coins. This adds to the fun of learning about money, and is also a great exercise for kids who learn through sensory play.
  • If you'd like to give your child a special reward for completing his money worksheets, tell him he can keep the number of coins that he needed to work through the problems. Or, set up a miniature 'store' in your living room using small toys or tasty treats that your child can buy using the coins from his worksheet practice. He'll get a nice surprise, and learn about currency at the same time!

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