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People come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The variety in our coloring pages is a reflection of all the remarkable differences we see when we look out into in the world. These coloring pages feature people of different professions, ages and backgrounds placed in various scenarios and situations. People printables are also a great way to enhance your kid's ability to empathize with others. As he colors, encourage him to imagine how the people illustrated in our coloring pages think and feel. Try out some of our people coloring pages today!

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Introduce your child to Rosie the Riveter, and important symbol of female empowerment, with this coloring page.
Second Grade
It's a New Year's celebration, but the countdown numbers have been lost. They're scattered around the crowd. See if your 1st grader can spot them.
First Grade
Clothes have changed over the decades, and it's the same for Olympic fashion. Your child can construct his own flipbook of Olympic athletes over the years.
Second Grade

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