Preschool Math Worksheets and Printables

Shapes, number recognition, counting, and money. These are just a few preschool math skills early learners will explore this year. Watch your preschoolers' knowledge expand rapidly with adorable and exciting preschool math worksheets. Your child will be ready for Kindergarten before you know it. Preschool math flash cards are a wonderful compliment to worksheets and great for math learning on the go.

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Tips for Teaching Preschool Math

The printable worksheets above will help support key skills preschoolers are learning this year. By the end of the year, your preschooler will be counting, adding and categorizing everything in sight! Check out our kindergarten math worksheets to see what's to come next year. Here are some additional hands-on methods for teaching preschool math:
  • Identifying numbers is an important preschool math skill. Go on a number hunt around your home, or ask preschoolers to group numbers together with a deck of cards.
  • The understanding that math is everywhere will set the foundation for a lifelong love of math. Take a ruler into the park or in your yard, and measure objects in nature. Or, make your child's favorite treat and ask her to measure out the ingredients.

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