Probability Worksheets and Printables

Our probability worksheets offer targeted extra practice for kids learning about concepts such as coin probability, probability graphs, and mean, median, mode. These skills are crucial to master in fifth grade before kids move on to higher level math skills in middle school. Browse all of our fifth grade math worksheets for more resources.

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Tips for Teaching Probability

Because probability has lots of real-life applications, it can be a fun math concept to explore with your child. Download and print some of the worksheets above with themes that your child would enjoy. Here are some additional strategies for helping your child develop her probability skills:

  • Start out by explaining to your child that probability helps determine how likely something is to happen. Then, think of an event that would be fun to predict together.
  • For your event determine the number of ways an event can happen and the total number of outcomes. For example, when flipping a coin, it will land on either heads or tails, so there is only 1 "event" that can happen. However there are two possible outcomes. So, the probability of the coin landing on heads is 1/2.
  • Once you have determined the probability of your event, map it out on a probability line with 0 being "impossible" and 10 being "certain".
  • For kids wanting to learn more about how to present data in a visual way, check out our graphing and data worksheets.

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