Second Grade Worksheets and Printables

Second grade worksheets help make learning exciting. Featuring illustrations and clear instructions, these second grade worksheets cover a wide range of subjects to help supplement your child's education. Browse math, language arts, and social studies worksheets designed for the second grade curriculum. Watch as your student excels at home and school with his new knowledge of nature, subtraction, and folktales. There are even worksheets with games and puzzles that encourage your student to learn through play. Make learning fun with these second grade worksheets.

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This year, Thanksgiving fun is moving from the kitchen to the study! Help your child's spelling, writing and reading skills stay sharp over holiday break with these adorable printables.
Second Grade
If your child is good at taking care of others, inspire her with this doctor paper doll.
Second Grade
Paper Dolls
With this Father's Day game, let your second grader take Dad on a 'printable' mountain trek--without ever leaving the house!
Second Grade
Printable Board Games
This musician coloring page introduces your child to a creative and fun career. Learn about a great career with this musician coloring page.
Second Grade
Life Learning
Think about all the ways we use trees with this comprehension worksheet that explores Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.
Second Grade
Challenge your kid to search for the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!
Second Grade
Follow Chuck on vacation by looking at the pictures he took! What is he doing in each picture? Use your imagination and creativity to write captions for each.
Second Grade
Encourage your second grader to work carefully--like the slow and steady snails adorning this worksheet--to finish these double-digit addition problems.
Second Grade
There are lots of colors to choose from the The Wizard of Oz: the yellow brick road, the Emerald City, and the silver (yes, silver!) slippers.
Second Grade
Fairy Tales
This cute, second grade spelling worksheet is filled with bird-themed vocabulary and jam-packed with several different learning methods.
Second Grade
Want to introduce important history in a fun way? Try this Lewis and Clark coloring page for your adventure-loving kid!
Second Grade

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