Shapes Worksheets

These shapes worksheets cover the geometric shapes kids start to learn about in preschool, like circles and squares, but also cover polygons, rectangles, hexagons, and more. Help your child establish a solid foundation for future geometry skills with our shapes worksheets. You can support your young learner with other early math concepts with our kindergarten math worksheets.

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Tips for Teaching Shapes

Learning about shapes is an essential building block for higher level geometry skills in the older grades. From 2D and 3D shapes to symmetry, printing out these shapes worksheets will introduce kids to core geometric concepts.

  • For younger children just starting out with shapes, play a fun kinesthetic game where you find out how many shapes you can make with your body.
  • Make a homemade shape bingo game by drawing a 3x3 grid and drawing in the shapes. Then, put a set of shape blocks in a paper bag and take turns drawing them out. Whoever gets three in a row first wins!
  • Take a ball of yarn or string and ask your child to make all the new shapes she has learned. For added learning, glue them on cardstock and make flash cards.
  • Have a peek at how these concepts build in the older grades with these geometry worksheets.

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