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Our spelling worksheets offer a wide variety of spelling activities, from drills for young kids just learning how to spell to exercises for older kids working on more complex word structures. Exercises include letter rolls, vocabulary building, plurals practice, and more. We even cover more challenging topics such as the silent e and when to use "its" vs. "it's", which are often mixed up. Our grammar worksheets are another good resource to help kids improve their writing skills.

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Tips for Teaching Spelling

Let's face it: Spelling can trick even the most literary adults at times. In today's tech age, where writers rely heavily on auto-correct and spell-check, good spelling is an uphill battle. However, a natural understanding of common spelling conventions is an important skills for early writers. Here are a few ways you can encourage good spelling in your child:
  • Host a game night with board games that require solid spelling skills, such as Scrabble or Upwords.
  • Make sure that kids understand the meaning of the words on their spelling list. This context will help kids to decode words and remember their spelling in the future.
  • Read with your child. Contact with printed material is still considered the best way to improve reading fluency and writing skills. When a new word is encountered in a text, make sure to write it down. Later, you and your child can make flash cards with the new words.
  • Let kids put their spelling skills to good use with these writing stories worksheets.

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