Summer Olympics Worksheets and Printables

Use these great Summer Olympics worksheets as a way for children to have fun and learn a little about the holiday you are celebrating. Choose from many different Summer Olympics worksheets to keep the learning going throughout the holiday. Select a different holiday on the left to check out the other holiday worksheets.

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Clothes have changed over the decades, and it's the same for Olympic fashion. Your child can construct his own flipbook of Olympic athletes over the years.
Summer Olympics
Second Grade
Go for the gold! Can your little athlete race to find the sports that are played during the Summer Olympics?
Summer Olympics
Third Grade
Check out a fun and simple Olympic timeline which highlights some of the most memorable moments throughout history.
Summer Olympics
First Grade
Little athletes will love testing their logic skills with this fun word search that's all about the Summer Olympics!
Summer Olympics
Third Grade
This gymnast is performing with style and grace.
Summer Olympics
Find the difference in these two pictures of Olympic swimmers collecting their medals on the podium.
Summer Olympics
Fourth Grade
Get your child excited for the Olympic Games in London with these fun worksheets and hands-on activities.
Summer Olympics

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