Valentine's Day Worksheets and Printables

Valentine's Day worksheets get your kid to practice math and more with heart-filled worksheets. Treat your child to some lovingly constructed Valentine's Day worksheets that entertain as they educate. Kids will solve Valentine's Day math problems using hearts as counters, construct a Valentine's board game, and color in printable Valentine's Day cards. These Valentine's Day worksheets help keep learning fresh and fun on February 14, even after your child has had a chocolate snack! Fall in love with learning with our Valentine's Day worksheets.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day while reviewing times tables! Soon your little love-bug will be on his way to memorizing them.
Valentine's Day
Third Grade
These doves need help delivering Valentine's Day letters! Your student can review his times tables to match each equation with its answer.
Valentine's Day
Third Grade
Celebrate Valentine's Day while reviewing simple division! Your little love-bug can use his knowledge of times tables to solve these problems.
Valentine's Day
Third Grade
Make division practice a bit more fun with this Valentine's Day challenge! Match up each equation to its answer to help the doves deliver their letters.
Valentine's Day
Third Grade

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