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Education.com Supports English Learners

Education.com creates new lessons and resources for English Learners and their teachers to bolster millions of underserved students.


SAN MATEO, Calif. – February 8, 2019

Education.com, the leading online education destination for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers looking to help their children master essential skills, extended its award-winning lesson plans and resources to now support the important segment of English Learners.

The population of English Learners (EL) in the U.S. is the fastest growing segment of the K-12 student population. According to the National Education Association, almost one in four public school students will be an EL by 2025.

Providing high quality instructional materials that address both academic and language objectives is a priority for us,” says Tatum Omari, Education.com’s Head of Curriculum and Content. “All teachers should have access to resources that ensure English Learners in their classrooms succeed and thrive.”

To address the acute needs of teachers who are looking to incorporate EL materials into their lessons, Education.com has augmented its vast library of lesson plans with EL support scaffolds for every section. In addition, each scaffolded lesson is paired with a support lesson for a small group environment. Together these EL Lessons empower teachers to equitably engage the whole class in powerful and inclusive learning experiences.

In public schools, English Learners remain an underserved population. The National Center for Educational Statistics has shown that there are nowhere near enough teachers or resources available to serve the needs of EL students.

“We’re proud to focus on an insufficiently served portion of the student population—and help them as early as possible in their learning journey,” says Todd Schwartz, co-CEO of Education.com. “Our EL Support Lessons, in combination with tailored worksheets, games, activities, and guided lessons, provide an indispensable resource to teachers that does not currently exist anywhere in the space.”

According to according to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 63 percent of ELs graduate from high school, compared with the overall national rate of 82 percent. “We want to change that and level the playing field by positively impacting classrooms in Elementary Schools,” says Rich Yang, co-CEO of Education.com. “With our reach into more than 3.5 million classrooms in the U.S., our support for English Learners can make a difference.”



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